Andrews University is the heartbeat of Adventist education. As a Christian school, we encourage strong moral principles and a close relationship with God. We believe in a holistic approach to life that balances body, mind and spirit in such a way that students are fully prepared to serve the world when they finish their studies.

Our Mission

Andrews University, a distinctive Seventh-day Adventist institution, transforms its students by educating them to Seek Knowledge and Affirm Faith in order to Change the World.

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Andrews Campus

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Andrews University is the heartbeat of Adventist Education; the place where talents and ideas are inspired. We are a diverse and innovative community ready to help the next generation of World Changers deepen their knowledge, enrich their faith and change the world.


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Andrews University at a Glance

From the very start, back in 1874, Andrews University has been on an ongoing journey to understand, pursue and best implement serious scholarship, quality research and practical Christianity as a core strength of the University's curriculum. Those aspirations started out small—Goodloe Bell, a teacher, started a tiny school with only 12 students in Battle Creek, Michigan. That small school was the birth of what we now know as Andrews University. Today, Andrews is the best-known Adventist educational institution in the world.

We are named after John Nevins Andrews (1829–1883), the biggest thinker in the 19th-century Seventh-day Adventist Church. He was also the first sponsored missionary that the Church sent overseas. J.N. Andrews’ example of careful thought and compassionate action in Christian life is something we have taken to heart.

Students from across the United States and around the globe are attracted to Andrews because of what we stand for and what we offer. "U.S. News and World Report" says that Andrews is one of the most culturally diverse universities in the nation. To find out how you can join this thinking, faith-focused and dynamic international community, browse on!

Live Wholly

Nurture Your Body, Mind & Spirit  |  Andrews University has a foundational commitment to wellness. Our community promotes physical, mental and spiritual development.

Explore Intentionally

Discover Your Future  |  Andrews is a place where our students can explore their futures to best understand and pursue God's plans for their lives.

Learn Deeply

Create & Research  |  Andrews offers unparalleled opportunities for its students to study and learn in ways that consistently expand beyond specific assignments. 

Engage Globally

Understand Our World  |  Andrews offers students distinctive ethnic and cultural diversity opportunities that equip them to better understand and change the world.